Clean Zone

clean zone bed encasements

Mattress & Box Spring Encasements

The Clean Zone™ bed protection system includes zippered mattress and box spring encasements that are treated with permethrin which disorients and kills bed bugs. Washable encasements maintain their effectiveness for a minimum of fifty washes.

clean zone silver vanity mat

Silver Vanity Mat

Silver is a natural germ killer. Through innovative technology we've turned it into a fabric that's fused to a silicone backing. This amazing silver material kills germs that come into contact with it, making these vanity mats a Clean Zone™ of safety for your guest's personal items.

clean zone remote control

Silver Remote Control Holder

Silver is a natural germ killer. The durable faux leather shell wipes clean while a textured silver fabric lining kills germs as the TV remote rubs across it.